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Made for each other

We were made for each other. Yep – you and I. I’ll explain why.

Storytime from the Instagram Archive:

It was 12 noon on a Monday. My older sister, Savannah was visiting me in Los Angeles for the week. She and I were driving through Beverly Hills to work at one of my favorite lunch spots, The Henry, before heading to a fitting.

We had the windows down and I was blasting James Taylor – nothing out of the ordinary here. We slowed to a stop at a light beside a business-official, middle-aged man in a nice car. As I was jamming out, he and I made eye contact. A big smile spread across his face as he recognized the song.

He began to dance along with us as he rolled his own window down. Savannah and I pointed to him and he pointed back. Then, right on cue, the three of us enthusiastically shouted to each other “HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY YOU”.

You should have seen the look on this guy’s face. He was LIVING for this moment. Honestly, we all were! Then, the light turned green. As he pulled forward still singing and dancing, we turned the corner, screaming about what just happened.

The takeaway

Ya know, life is hard. Mondays can be dull and traffic is frustrating. I’m absolutely convinced that little moments like this are critical to human survival.

People need people. I just read in the book of Genesis where our Creator decided that it’s “not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). So that’s just it: We were literally all made for each other. But there’s no way for us to connect if we’re all walking through life with our guards up, faking that we’ve got it together, and assuming the worst of everyone around us.

The coolest people I know all share the same quality: they are NEVER found trying to be cool. They are committed to being authentic instead, and there is nothing more disarming to the façades we walk around with, than their presence. I need people like that in my circle – and so do you!

Savannah, thank you for giving me and everyone else the permission to be silly in a world that takes itself too seriously! Life is easier and so much fun with you.


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  1. Brooke

    So what I’m hearing is I should try serenading random cars until someone agrees to sing with me. 😂 But seriously, I love this story. It’s a good reminder!

    1. Ari

      Haha yes! You get it 😉

  2. Pamela Brown

    Love this and you! We are all certainly meant to be around others. (Keeping us all apart is one of the many things I hate about this pandemic!)

    1. Ari

      I KNOW, social distancing is not easy for me…
      I love you too! Thank you so much.

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